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Supporting venues
Connecting audiences

TrueEvents has been designed to acheive two key things:
1. Support real event venues. You wouldn't watch Wimbledon without the tennis courts and Zoom fatigue is real. We believe in taking real events online, retaining the experience, connecting the audiences and expanding the reach of every event.
2. Connecting audiences. It seemed obvious to us that if we can achieve 500% attendance increase by taking an event online (which we have more than once, see here) then we need to connect that audience with the physical event but also the physical attendees. Enter the mobile application that serves as your portable agenda, event map, replay watcher and most of all networking hub. Search all attendees and have hybrid meetings using your mobile phone from the venue, text chat or juts organise a good old coffee.


of businesses using event technology save around 200 hours per year


of event marketers believe technology is having a positive impact on the industry


of organisations that hosted a virtual event in 2020 saved money

TrueEvents core features

Our expert teams supply and set up an end-to end virtual events platform that will move your visitors’ experience beyond physical boundaries

Experiential webinars that engage, inspire and connect

At the heart of TrueEvents is a robust and flexible bespoke webinar solution, which can be fully branded and tailored to your individual needs.
With no download required for guests, you can host thousands of attendees while including live Q&A, polling and handout materials, all fuss-free.

Live networking & breakout sessions that really click

Enjoy setting up flexible and fast-paced networking tables, with attendees free to jump in and out and share virtual business cards. You can deploy and host multiple smaller talks as offshoots to the main webinar.

Interactive 3D exhibition technology

The TrueEvents interactive floor plan solution provides intuitive navigation, introducing your guests to a fully immersive exhibitor environment, with live video chat for instant sales and team engagement. Attendees are free to concentrate on your product and message — not the conferencing technology.

Tech support always on hand

Tech set up and guidance supports you, plus pre-flight checks from a dedicated team. Video and graphic design packages are also available for seamless integration and brand enhancement.

Move your experience into the data-driven future

Based on a selection of floor plans and exhibition templates, TrueEvents lets you take your event off-plan and onto the screen easily, combining the familiarity of a traditional setting with the powerful new options of the online world.

Live video chats can connect exhibitors with customers, as users navigate with ease, dipping in and out of conversations and connections freely.

Make it your own with custom branding

The TrueEvents Digital Event Experience Platform brings real personalisation options to any trade, marketing or sales event. Elegant design from start to finish assures your customers they are in safe hands, and part of a high-quality event.

You and your team can also collect data and analyse the results, with powerful archive and wrap-up options.

Break free from limits, with space to network

Live networking tables mean see your guests enjoy freedom and flexibility to jump in and out of chats, knowing who’s already there, and finding the people and information they need as they ‘move’ through the event.

Data and analytics at the core

The platform means you can access and compile data from your event to supply feedback to everyone involved. It’s easy to follow up and start the pre-sale of tickets for the next one, keeping the energy and engagement flowing.

Craft your connected experience with TrueEvents
Take the next step into the future of sustainable, socially responsible events. Let us help ensure that your next online event delivers content and connections that work for everyone.
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